Whatever soul truth you seek, we can find the answers here

The Akashic Records contain all of your experiences, including your past lives, and even before your incarnation on Earth. Often imagined as a library or great hall of records, I like to think of it as a Google search engine for the soul. It is our link to direct communication with your soul. It's where we identify exactly what is keeping you stuck, how you best move forward and the big why for being on this planet and how you're here to serve.

Step 1: Receive an Akashic Healing

It's hard to see our value and gifts when stuck in our own illusions. We've got to clean those dirty glasses you're using to see the world. Once clear, the heaviness around you lifts and the next steps get easier. With an Akashic Healing, we'll use the Records to identify and bring healing to the #1 thing that is keeping you stuck.

You know this is right for you if:

  • An invisible force is holding you back

  • Moving through the day is a struggle and you don't know why

  • You've tried everything and nothing seems to work

  • You want to understand the root cause of why you feel the way you do and experience life in such a restricted state

  • You're ready to understand what is happening at soul-level

You know by understanding the root, you can finally take steps that will have a lasting impact. You can find a way past the depression and overwhelm once and for all. There's no need to struggle any longer.

50 minute session: $150

Step 2: Receive a Soul Blueprint Reading

As we remove the illusions, conditioning, programming and all the crap that gets in the way of seeing clearly, we get laser focused on your soul's purpose and your life mission.

Do you find yourself asking:

  • Why do I feel so different from everyone else?

  • Why am I here? What is my purpose?

  • Where do I go from here?

  • What is my next best step?

in this reading you'll discover:

  • Where you are from at soul level

  • Your Healer Archetypes

  • How your soul best expresses itself on Earth

  • Why you came to Earth in the first place

  • Your natural healing gifts and how to embody them

  • The actions that will bring the greatest joy and ease to your life

80 minute session: $250

Step 3: Apply to Soul Healer Academy

Now that you see your gifts and know your purpose, let's make it happen. By learning a powerful healing modality, like the Akashic Records, you embody your role as a Healer and start serving the world in a really big way!

your checklist:

  • Do you desire to live your soul purpose?

  • Do you feel called to share your gifts with the world?

  • Do you long to be supported by others who understand you and experience the world in the same woo way as you?

Become a soul healer:

  • Learn the spiral dynamics of healing

  • Understand how to transmute trauma

  • Know how to identify and clear blocks

  • Learn to give Akasha Healings and Soul Blueprint Readings

  • Use the Records to be of service to others and help change the world

  • Connect others to their soul truth and inner guidance

  • Embrace and expand your intuitive gifts

This is not about readiness, it's about willingness

I don't believe in ready. I believe in desire, conviction and saying, "hell yes!"

Yes to yourself, your calling, and yes to the world.




Not certain that step one is YOUR step one? Let’s chat.

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Love Letters from past Clients

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"Alise creates a container where shifting and magic thrive. I utilized tools on a whole new level, learned deep wisdom and my trust and confidence amplified. I have reclamied myself as a Divine Being."

-Melyssa M., Space Holder & Akashic Records Practitioner

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“I used to be so reliant on other people, unsure of myself and how I fit in the world. I’m now able to deal with my emotions and struggles in a more compassionate and empowered way. I have more access to my own power. I don’t need to get my information from outside of myself anymore. I don’t need to look to someone else to find my own voice. I now love me as me. I can find the joy and know how to feel good. With Alisabeth, I received a deeper understanding and appreciation of myself and my gifts and know how to use and trust my abilities."

-Kat S., Personal Trainer & Health Advisor

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"My life feels sacred more and more again. There is more love and space and depth for and in myself ... and magical things happen. Which in the end make my days and give me a completely new feeling about my life and journey. Thank you for just appearing in my life in divine timing."

-Stephanie B., Singer, Teacher & Healer