You were born with a gift.

You have magic in your veins and stardust in your bones.


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Soul Healer Academy

More Clarity. More Confidence. More Alignment. More Empowerment. More Fulfillment.


with soul healer academy, you will:

  • Know exactly how to get to the root of any block, ailment or dis-ease.

  • Have a toolkit for addressing all of life's obstacles.

  • Activate your divine gifts and soul's purpose.

  • Become the change you wish to see in the world.

  • Deepen your intuition and trust in yourself and your abilities.

within 4 months, YOU WILl be:

  • Communicating with your soul to receive the highest level of guidance available

  • Connecting with your Spirit Guides to manifest your desires

  • Giving Akashic Record Readings and Healing sessions

  • A Certified Akashic Record Practitioner

  • Creating a business aligned with your soul




  • Being a part of an intimate group of other Soul Healers

  • Twelve months of Akashic Record immersion with juicy, recorded modules, available to move through at your own pace

  • Twelve months of weekly calls, with recordings available for any missed days

  • Twelve months of access to a private Facebook support group to ask any questions during the week

  • Twelve months of being held in your highest, while you hold others in theirs


Love Letters from previous graduates

As a client of Alise’s Akashic healing program, I never thought I could do what she did for me. I went for it anyway, and I have found that the greatest tool for healing myself is helping others to heal. This program provides gentle, loving support and all of the information one would need to become a successful Akashic Record Healer. The support doesn’t end when the program does either. You’ll receive so many new tools, and friends and downright juicy goodness from this program! My life has changed, I have changed, and my purpose is now clear. It’s been absolutely wonderful to take part in something that has helped me learn and grow in ways I never thought possible!
— Jessica LaChance, Soul Healer Academy Graduate
I am owning my power, trusting it and standing sure-footed in it. I am in a much deeper flow and trust with my intuition. I’m connecting more regularly, clearly, and deeply. I know exactly where I’m getting my information from and there’s crystal clarity in the information. I have a sacred, safe, contained space to go to for me to receive wisdom. I’m living more consciously from my state of connection. My boundaries are way stronger. It has shifted my relationships in business and in personal relationships. I’m showing up in my community more. I’m reaching out and trusting what I receive in a deeper way.
— Jodi Hill, Soul Healer Academy Graduate
Soul Healer Academy
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