You've embraced the magic in your veins and stardust in your bones.


Here's everything you need to know:

The Academy takes places on the Academy website, within the Facebook group and on the Zoom Q&A calls.


Academy Website:

All modules can be found at You will receive an e-mail from Podia within the next 24 hour giving you access to the modules. Your schedule is up to you. This is simply a recommendation. Download calendar here


Facebook Group

Use this group to post your homework, to connect with other Academy students and to lean into the support offered. Anticipate posting about three times a week.

Any day of the week, you make ask for clarity regarding any of the material. You do not need to wait for calls. If the answer is more than a paragraph long, I may ask that you wait for the call so I can properly answer the question to its fullest.

You may access the Facebook group HERE.

Zoom Q&A Calls:

All calls are held Wednesdays at 12pm MST/2pm EST. If a call will be skipped for the week, you will be notified the week prior. This time is YOURS. I recommend preparing for these calls by coming with questions. Please use this time as well to bring up any resistance you may be experiencing. This is completely normal. Use this time to lean into all the support that is offered.

You may connect with the weekly calls by using this link: There is a zoom app you may download onto your phone, if you’d prefer to use that over a computer. Be sure to bookmark this zoom link!

I’m so excited and honored to have you!