What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records contain every decision your soul has ever made. Often pictured as an ethereal library or great hall of records, I like to think of them as a Google search engine for your soul. In the records, you can access anything that pertains to your soul’s history. You may also begin to track your future.

Your Akashic Records hold everything that has happened in this lifetime and all your past lives, including the lifetimes before your incarnation on Earth. They continue all the way back to your individuation from Source, your original birth story.

The Akashic Records can be used as a powerful healing modality. A healing modality is simply a method through which healing can be experienced or expressed. An attunement, or energetic initiation, gives one easier access to the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records are infinite and hold the soul truth about everything in existence. There is structure to using the records that can help navigate the depth of information available, while also leaving lots of room for exploration.

With the Records, you can:

  • Learn how your soul best expresses itself in the Earthly realm.
  • See where you are from and identify your Healer Archetypes.
  • Discover the past and present-life events that are creating barriers in your present day.
  • Receive guidance for how to best move toward your desires.
  • Clear the trauma in your soul’s DNA, while leaving the learning intact.
  • Discover and understand your soul contracts and karmic backpack.

When we have suppressed our traumas, our histories and our emotions, the Akashic Records are an incredibly useful tool for unearthing what took place.

The Akashic Records are self-regulated. They will only show you what your soul is currently capable of handling and what the Practitioner can hold space for. For example, if you have a severe trauma that revisiting would act like Pandora’s Box, your Records will present with a past-life experience dealing with very similar energies. This is a soft way for you to begin to unravel the traumas and wounding in a safe, slow and steady way that doesn’t undo your life.

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