May You Lay Yourself Bare

It was once quite common for me to lock myself away from the world. Many times, I would plant myself in the darkness of my closet. Sensory stimulation would overwhelm me and leave me unable to soak in any more. I would helplessly attempt to push away the emotions and suffering of those whose energy I picked up that day.

The common words of wisdom I have been given as a means of coping with my extreme sensitivity are: protect yourself from others, zip yourself up, cut yourself off, lock up your energy in a bubble. This perspective has only furthered the misunderstanding and distress of what it means to be empathic.

As an Empath, I take in the energy that swirls all around me. Wherever I go, whomever I meet, I am subconsciously in communication with the energetic landscape. This ability to consume the world around me has led to both moments of great misunderstanding and great discovery.

Being an Empath is not about being overly sensitive. It is about having an ability to authentically connect with the world around you. Within this ability to connect with the world, lies a channel to deeply connect with yourself.

Everything in the universe is energy in constant communication with other energy. When I feel as though I am taking on too much, it is time to go within and listen. There is something within me vibrating at the same rate as the energy that has attached to me. It is there to tell me a story. A story of the same pain and suffering that has possibly been long forgotten or suppressed within me and is ready to be healed. By moving within, I allow the story to unfold and create space for deep healing.  This process has allowed for the highest transmutation.

My Empath Sisters, I invite you to lay yourself bare. Allow yourself to soak in the world around you. Universal energy speaks to your heart while it lies open and vulnerable. Trust the messages. Be curious about what they are trying to tell you and you will stay in the vibration of love.

Know that empathy may be a tool to open up to the deepest parts of yourself and heal all wounds. When you shield yourself from the world, cut yourself off, or zip yourself up, you create a story that we all require protection from the world. This story moves us into separation, moves us into judgment and moves us into fear.

Allow the possibility that you have been given a divine gift.  With this gift, you may shift the consciousness of the masses. I ask that you dive in. Find the places within yourself that has called this energy to you.  Sink into it. Immerse yourself. Find the blessing. Feel it in every cell of your being. Know it with every breath.

By opening up to what is all around you and choosing to move within, your vibration increases and brings up the world.

You are the example of choosing connection, every single day, no matter what. The world needs you to teach us this lesson. Embrace it. For as you heal yourself, you heal the world.



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