What is my Healing Gift?

What is my Healing Gift?

Your specific healing gift can be found within one of eight Healer archetypes. Every Healer has an aspect of all eight within them. However, there is a dominant archetype, that when activated and utilized, allows your soul the greatest self-expression, bringing massive amounts of flow and joy in your life.

There are light sides and shadow sides to each archetype. Often when we are in a state of depression, overwhelm, or just spending time outside our bodies, we are acting in our shadow; thus, we do not recognize the light side of our gifts.

These gifts are so innate to you, so natural, that you may have thought everyone was this way. It goes against societal beliefs that it’s meant to come easy. But it is. That which comes most naturally and easily to us is often our most potent ability. The archetypes therefore, are not about something that you do, they’re about who you are. As an Empath, by showing up as your most authentic self, you are by default a Healer.

As you step into the role of holding space for others and allowing your Archetype to come forward, intuition guides the process for you. You don’t have to “know” anything. The wisdom is all around you, you simply open to being who you are, as you are naturally designed to receive it.

ARCHETYPE ONE: You are driven by having a mission of service: service to the environment, animals and/or mankind. You are deeply connected to Mother Earth. You are her fierce protector and greatest ally. A spiritual warrior. Your wisdom shares that it is only by caring for Mother Earth that we can really care for one another. The energies you embody are the same energies of Mother Earth, compassion, unconditionality, and tolerance. As Mother Earth is here to provide all living creatures all that they need to survive (food, shelter, community), you are also concerned about ensuring the same for others.

You are deeply connected to the physicality of spirituality. Being in a physical body is a spiritual experience for you. Your spiritual connection comes from your connection to the natural physical world, from the core of the Earth to the stars in the sky. You find Source in what you can see, touch, hear, smell and taste; in what you can physically experience.

As a Healer, you help people connect to their tribe, their roots and an understanding of oneness at the physical level. You may find yourself drawn to working with childbirth, childcare, nursing, hospice, social work, farming, environmental work, and advocacy work.

ARCHETYPE TWO: You are driven by creation. You love birthing new creation and new experiences in the physical world. You love exploring and indulging in all that life offers. Movement is very important to you: it is what allows vital life force energy to continue to course through you. You connect to Source and spirituality through physical pleasure: money, sex, and good health. You teach others the joy of being human and how to have a loving connection to the human body.

As a Healer, you connect to all the places within others that are blocking their current experience of joy and may use physicality to bring them back to themselves and to Source. You may find yourself drawn to helping others embrace their physicality through athletics, yoga, dance, tantra, money manifestation, or even adventure travel.

ARCHETYPE THREE: You are driven by bringing balance and beauty to the world around you. You have a deep understanding of how choice affects the balance and beauty of the greater whole, making you an expert at understanding the energy of karma. You have a fondness of peace, order and law that helps to maintain this higher balance.

As a Healer, you see in others what is preventing balance and harmony within themselves and how that lack of balance extends to all relationships. You see balance and harmony as the seeds that must be planted to grow into one’s full potential. You may find yourself drawn to the visual arts, law and order, or anything to do with planning and organization.

ARCHETYPE FOUR: You are driven by interdependent relationship. You see everything as being in relationship with everything else and strive to bring nurturing and love to all. You love to love, nurture and give of yourself to others.

As a Healer, you are a natural space holder, where you hold a sacred space for others in which they can reclaim the pieces of themselves that they have made wrong or that they have disowned. You feel the places within others they reject. The spaces where they have labeled themselves as bad; the aspects that have been disowned. You see where others are blocked to giving and receiving love towards themselves as well as others. By holding this loving space, you bring others back into their wholeness through loving self-acceptance and non-judgment. This is your healing gift: helping others recognize that they are whole, they are not broken and never have been, and there is nothing to fix. You may find yourself drawn to service work, therapy, counseling, coaching and parenting.

ARCHETYPE FIVE: You are driven by communication, self-expression, and teaching. You have a very special relationship with language - words will have taste and substance for you.  You love to express yourself creatively and you love to offer advice and guidance.

As a Healer, you are a natural channel and have a gift with taking the energetic, ethereal, and abstract and putting it into a language that others can receive. Through this gift with words, you naturally inspire and move people into action, especially by helping them shift at the level of the mind, opening them to new perspectives and allowing for miracles. You may find yourself drawn to speaking, writing, teaching, counseling, and channeling.

ARCHETYPE SIX: You are driven by bringing the truth to light. Societal norms and niceties aren’t often taken into consideration on this path to truth. You see each person as having their own individual truth and want to help them take a stand for that truth. You don’t fall for others bullshit and can easily identify when people are bullshitting themselves.

As a Healer you help others identify the places within themselves that do not align with their truth, rejecting the beliefs thrusted upon them by family and society. You hold others in their authenticity. You also have a natural ability to “see.” You see beyond the everyday and may be gifted with clairvoyance. You may find yourself drawn to activism, quality assurance, speaking, and fortune telling.

ARCHETYPE SEVEN: You are driven by freedom. You love to consciously manifest money to pave the path to freedom. You have an innate connection and high sensitivity to energy and can quickly shift your physical state to create an intended reaction. You are all about quick, new action for big, new results and living life on your terms.

As a Healer, you use your sensitivities to tune into the energy of others and what shifts they can make to create the results that they want. Through this energy shifting, you show others how to become the powerful creators of reality that they are. You also show them the power of utilizing intuition in the manifestation process. You may find yourself drawn to entrepreneurism and anything that allows to work outside the box.

ARCHETYPE EIGHT: You are driven by logic and give insightful, succinct advice, rooted in the principles of Universal Law.  You have a natural understanding of the Laws of the Universe and see the dissonance between this higher wisdom and the way that society operates.

As a Healer, you hold space for others to find their inner guidance and learn to create their own experience. By asking great questions and inserting profound wisdom, you help others break free from illusions, false perceptions and negative beliefs. You may find yourself drawn to coaching, mentoring, mediation, and meditation.

Your specific Healer Archetype can be found in the Akashic Records as part of your Soul Blueprint, along with a more detailed reading about how you specifically express your archetype. Learn more about getting a Soul Blueprint Reading HERE.