Do I Have Suppressed Trauma?

How do we know there is trauma if you don’t remember it? Or if the trauma is from past lives?

I want to preface this article by saying that I’m not a fan of lists. Specifically, using lists to identify who we are or if something applies to us. No list can tell you who you are or what happened to you. There are certainly signs, symptoms and indications, but these are not the same as soul truth. I suggest this list be used to help you lean into the truth for yourself. It is in no way a diagnostic tool.

What we do know is that hidden traumas create barriers in the present day. I’m a believer that it will show up when you are ready to move through the healing process, the key is in identifying the communication that says you are ready.

Here are a few signs that you may have suppressed trauma that is ready to be seen:

  •  You don’t remember a lot of your childhood. This is often a result of spending a lot of time outside of your body due to trauma that occurred while in your body.
  • You have memories of out of body experiences: being outside of your body, looking down at your body and the general surroundings.
  • You’ve had flashbacks of bits and pieces without total comprehension of what you flashed back to. Or full on flashbacks.
  • You love being in control. You like to have everything planned out and organized, and stress out or trigger easily when it’s not clean and organized, or when things don’t go as planned.
  • You have strange dreams that feel like memories, a hint at past lives.
  • You don’t want to “stir the pot,” “shake shit up,” “cause a scene,” or “put anyone out,” and go out of your way to avoid conflict for fear of potential backlash.
  • You experience PTSD without a known source.
  • Lifelong, chronic depression.
  • Invisible barriers in your life that you continually hit up against but don’t know why. A sense of something feeling much harder than what is logical.

These are common reactions to trauma. If you don’t remember any childhood trauma, these scenarios could be showing you there is more beneath the surface calling to be seen. There may also be past-lives that are wanting to be seen.

Are there indications that you have suppressed trauma from this lifetime? Do you sense that you may have suppressed trauma from past-lives? Are you already aware of specific events that are calling to you to be seen and healed?

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