Breaking Open of the Day

It is in the breaking open of the day, the sun is able to shine its light and darkness fades.Every night darkness returns, and every morning the day breaks itself open across the sky.

Perhaps the very first daybreak took a great amount of courage by the sun. There was not yet knowing that when the light came, darkness would fade. And there was not yet knowing how the light would impact everything on Earth.

This daily courage soon turned into knowing. This knowing eradicated any possible memory of a day without light. 

As we find ourselves shrouded in darkness, we must have the courage to break ourselves open and release all our distortions so we may shine our light.

This daily courage and conquering of fears must become our only way of existence. We must eradicate all memory of choosing anything but this, So our light may be a constant.

We must anchor in the knowing that when darkness comes, the light ALWAYS comes shortly after. 

Your world, and the world around you, needs you to shine your light. It needs you to exhume all the places within you that does not allow your light to break free. 

Let’s do it together. Break open with me.