You are being called to live your soul’s purpose

  • People naturally gravitate towards you, seeking your support and guidance

  • You feel called to serve others and make a massive impact in the world

  • Your highly sensitive and empathic nature have primed you to connect deeply with the world around you

  • You’ve been searching for the holy grail of all spiritual tools, that perfect fit just for you

  • You’re ready to give your heart and soul the driver’s seat on the road of life


Imagine having a toolbox by your side that gives you access to knowing precisely what is getting in your client’s way.

Imagine knowing where to look, what to do and exactly how to help, amplifying the tools and gifts you already possess.

Not only can you help others heal, you help them see their own beauty; the truth of their gifts, their soul’s purpose and how they too can step up into the world to be a change-maker.

With you as their Guide, they not only survive, they thrive.

This is the power of soul wisdom found in the Akashic Records.


Meaghan was on the same journey as you.

She always knew in her heart she was born for more.

More than going to work, to pay the bills, to pay for the car, to go to work. She had gifts to share with the world that couldn’t go on a job application.

  • She’d gathered all the tools: Health Coaching, Life Coaching, Reiki, Card Reading…

  • She was working with clients, yet barely making money.

  • She was stuck between the knowing she’s here for more and never quite feeling like it was possible. Always thinking she wasn’t good enough, qualified enough or wise enough.


Her soul kept calling her to do more, explore more. In early 2018, she found Soul Healer Academy’s Akashic Records program.

“To be honest, in the beginning, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to become a Practitioner.  It seemed both wildly intriguing and a little too woo woo for this New York born girl.

Once I fully said yes to soul healer academy, the flood-gates opened.

  • I took on new clients left and right, within the first 3 months, I tripled my business.

  • For the first time in years, I felt confident that I was on the right path.

  • I was doing the work I was meant to be doing, working with who I was meant to be working with and showing up in my soul power.

Using the toolbox of the Akashic Records is profound. These women I work with leave with a depth of healing that I couldn’t provide them with before. Most of my clients walk away saying that working together is pure magic.”


just like meaghan, you were born to be a healer

You’ve already walked the path; bravely departed from the world you once knew. Exploring the wilderness of your soul. Following the calling deeper and deeper, Unraveling the shadows. Casting away the layers of all that you are not. Grabbing onto the magic of all that you are. Gathering tools and wisdom throughout your journey. Bravely embracing your gifts. Embracing that you have a purpose.

Your intuition is expanding.

Your trust in your Guides is deepening.

Every day, the calling grows stronger.

There is a vision of those you are here to serve.


And yet, the picture isn’t crystal clear.

You’ve tried so long and hard to clear the fog, to overcome the obstacles that find themselves repeating again and again, leaving you searching for more. More tools, more knowing, more alignment, more of… anything that will have it all make sense.

The ever-present, insatiable desire for more has you searching through the wilderness, praying to find the holy grail of spiritual tools. Dear brave and wildly soulful woman,

what you are truly looking for is you.

The wisdom you seek is deep down inside of you- held within your soul.


This wisdom can easily be found with the Akashic Records. This is not about another tool in the toolkit. Your insatiable desire for more is for more of you, More of the soul-aligned you. More of the divine you than you’ve ever known. The more in-tune you are with your soul, the crisper the clarity on your vision for life. The more soul wisdom, the more knowing for how to step into your calling. You were born to be a Healer in harmony with your soul.

with an attunement to the akashic records,

You will transition from being guided to becoming the Guide.

whatever soul truths you seek, you will find the answers here.

The Akashic Records contain all of your experiences, including your past lives, and even before your incarnation on Earth. Often imagined as a library or great hall of records, I like to think of it as a Google search engine for the soul. It is our link to direct communication with your soul. It's where we identify exactly what is keeping you stuck, how you best move forward and the big why for being on this planet and how you're here to serve.


You do not have to be “fully healed” to be of service.

There is no point of readiness for this work. There is simply knowing that you and I connected for a reason. You have a soul purpose to fulfill, lives to change and a difference to make in the world.

With Soul Healer Academy, as you hold other’s through their process, you are held through yours.

Your support system and intuitive community expands.

Your ability to serve expands. Your gifts and intuitive wisdom expands.

You become a powerful creator of your reality.

Your Soul becomes the driver of your life.


You can be deeply certain and a little doubtful. You can be scared and know it's time.


from Soul Healer Academy Graduates


“Soul Healer Academy will draw you close to yourself and to your purpose so much so that there is nowhere but soul healing transformation.  If you are afraid and excited about this program you are in the right place.  Alisabeth has crafted a container that activates your souls highest expression and guides you to that place within that calls you to explore the endless possibilities.”

-Melyssa Munoz-Layman, Soul Healer Academy Graduate


“I am owning my power, trusting it and standing sure-footed in it. I am in a much deeper flow and trust with my intuition. I know exactly where I’m getting my information from and there’s crystal clarity in the information. I have a sacred, safe, contained space to go to receive wisdom. It has shifted my relationships in business and in personal relationships. I’m showing up in my community more. I’m reaching out and trusting what I receive in a deeper way. I’ve been supporting myself through the healing process and using the Records to open new space within my business.”

-Jodi Hill, Soul Healer Academy Graduate


“As a client of Alise’s Akashic healing program, I never thought I could do what she did for me. I went for it anyway, and I have found that the greatest tool for healing myself is helping others to heal. This program provides gentle, loving support and all of the information one would need to become a successful Akashic Record Healer. The support doesn’t end when the program does either. You’ll receive so many new tools, and friends and downright juicy goodness from this program! My life has changed, I have changed, and my purpose is now clear. It’s been absolutely wonderful to take part in something that has helped me learn and grow in ways I never thought possible!” 

Jessica LaChance – Soul Healer Academy Graduate


All I have to say is just Yes Yes Yes! If you are a soul-led entrepreneur or healer and you feel called to do your great work in a much deeper way, this is for you! This program supported me create the structure I needed to grow my business in 3 months and also grow my ability to believe in my soul-led work. I'm so grateful for the hybrid of woo woo meets practical and tangible. It totally lights up my virgo side and Alisa was such a wonderful guide. I highly recommend!”

-Meaghan Thompson, Soul Healer Academy Graduate



becoming a soul healer includes:

  • Activating your divine gifts and life's purpose

  • Being a part of an intimate group of other Soul Healers

  • Twelve months of Akashic Record immersion with juicy, recorded modules to move through at your own pace

  • Twelve months of weekly calls with recordings

  • Twelve months of access to a private Facebook support group to ask any questions during the week

  • Twelve months of being held in your highest, while you hold others in theirs


within the first four months, you could be:

  • Connecting with your Spirit Guides to manifest your desires

  • Giving Akashic Record Readings and Healing sessions

  • A Certified Akashic Record Practitioner

  • Creating a business aligned with your soul


Enrolling Now through October 15th, 2019

Only a Limited number of spots are available



You will be doing a deep-dive into the Akashic Records. In Soul Healer Academy, you are given maps to navigate these Records to find the most pertinent of information that will help you and your clients align with the highest version of themselves, walking a path of purpose and empowerment.

The Akashic Records are not another spiritual tool. They are the toolbox. They give meaning and structure to your gifts, amplifying the tools you already have. They are the container that holds you through the transformation of being guided to becoming the Guide.


The modules required to become a Certified Akashic Records Practitioner can be completed in as little as four months. Enrollment in Soul Healer Academy includes 9 months of support through the process. This allows you to go at your own pace and be supported in actual client work once certified. The support you receive consists of weekly group calls, a Facebook group and the online modules.


You will learn to access the Akashic Records for the intention of identifying your client’s Soul’s Essence, Soul’s Lineage, their Spirit Guide Connection and the Soul’s Requests for Healing.

  • The Soul’s Essence and Soul’s Lineage helps us discern between who we are at soul-level versus our conditioning and programming. It shows us our divine gifts we have to offer the world, our soul’s purpose and the way of being that allows for the greatest ease and joy in life.

  • The Spirit Guide Connection helps bond your clients to the cosmic support they have at their fingertips. It teaches them to work in co-creation with the Universe and how to manifest their desires, while also having a feedback system along the way.

  • The Soul’s Request for Healing is where we are able to identify what’s getting in the way. Guided by the client’s intention, we an get to the root cause of what ails your clients, addressing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components. Here we pinpoint the past-life or present-life trauma that aided in the “stuckness” that is presenting in their lives.

As you learn this for your client’s, you also learn this for yourself. You will receive your own Soul Profile that shows you all of the above so that you receive the experiential understanding of being a “client” going through the Records.


The investment is $450/months for 9 months. If you choose to pay in full, you will save $350.


When we make our resistance or uncertainty about the money, we take energy and intention away from the actualization process. Finding the money is the easiest part of the journey. Meaning, To demonstrate this, PayPal Credit is available to you at 0% interest for the first 6 months. This keeps your payments low and incredibly reasonable.


Students are hand-picked based upon their level of alignment and vibrational resonance with the program. Those who have worked with Alise one-on-one, or with other Soul Healer Academy Practitioners, are given priority. The application process is simply a chat with Alise to ensure resonance and soul-desire. If we harmonize, and your soul says, “Yes!” you will be invited to enroll.

Next Class Begins October 15th


What Graduates Have to Say

“Soul Healer Academy is a unique gem in the sea of spiritual fog surrounding the topic of the Akashic Records and this kind of healing work. The course contains thorough information and demystifies the spirit realm for anyone seeking. The Academy proves its worth time and time again, not only as a practitioner, but in personal matters as well. I can’t imagine my life without the Akashic Records, Soul Healing Academy and the wonderful tribe of people I am working with. Without it and Alisabeth’s help, I wouldn’t be accomplishing the amazing life I am living today, all the while helping people make real changes in their own lives.”

-J. Christensen, Soul Healer Academy Graduate, 2019


“I would recommend Soul Healer Academy without hesitation. It has opened my eyes, my way of thinking, and how to really connect with others. It has given me hope, purpose, and motivation to be the best version of me.”

-Cassandra Sorenson, Soul Healer Academy Graduate 2019