Alise Shelman

Say “Hell yes!” to your soul

Make money living your purpose



So much time is spent resisting

  • Questioning if you’re good enough, healed enough or have enough to offer

  • Wondering if you deserve to have everything you want

  • Not believing you can really make money doing what you love

  • Determined people will think you’re crazy

  • Guessing that you’ll think you’re crazy right along with them!


it’s keeping you stuck, frustrated and confused. i get it! i’ve been there and I’m here for you. My name is Alise and I’ll help you say “goodbye” to all the shitty questions and say “hell Yes!” to your soul.


More purpose. More soulfulness. more alignment. More clarity. more joy. more freedom. more flow. More you.

And way more getting paid to do it.

It’s time to live the more you’ve always dreamed of.


With a powerful toolkit like the Akashic Records, you’ll have your hands on a google search engine for the soul. Whatever soul truths your clients seek, you may find the answers here.


How Soul Healer Academy Works


We’ll meet one on onE

Answering the big questions of:

  • Who am I (after all the conditioning is pulled away)?

  • Why am I here (what are your big gifts to offer the world)?

  • What’s been getting in my way?

You’ll join other students

Diving deep into the Akashic Records:

  • Meeting your Spiritual Guides

  • Working with practice clients

  • Learning all about how to heal at soul level

you’ll become certified

Upon certification, you’ll be ready to offer your services in exchange for money, building a soul-aligned business you love. Offering Akashic Record Healing and integrating the Akashic Records into your everyday life.

Chat with Alise to see if Soul Healer Academy is right for you.

More purpose. More soulfulness. More clarity. more joy. more freedom. more flow. More you. and way More getting paid to do it.